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AJ Hawkins creates death positive fine art to help you live with death. Her work is often interdisciplinary, and in line with pop surrealist and new contemporary portraiture. Her work engages with the challenging and painful parts of being mortal, and ultimately trying to accept death, decay and loss. She is a member of the Order of the Good Death and is owner of death positive lifestyle brand, KALMA.


Before she died, she spent 3 days in The Inbetween - Where was she? Where did she go?


The Afterlight is my imagining of Eternity; it is the salve for my grief. It is The Void, where we only exist as light, and wormholes are windows to our loved ones in other places and times. The Afterlight is a longing and a severance, and the pain of the moment when our heart's desire is just beyond our grasp.

The Afterlight will include a series of larger, mixed media paintings on panels as well as a collection of 23 ghost paintings on paper.


Acrylic and resin on panel, 30" in diameter